We will help you to secure your temporary accommodation in the UK. Many students like to stay with a host family to experience the British way of life first hand and to be immersed in an English speaking environment 24-7.  Accelerated learning is heavily influenced by your home environment. You will find you learn as much in the home environment as the classroom. We have hosted students in our own home so understand the homestay environment very well and only work with the best host families and we will continually check you are completely happy throughout your stay.  

If you prefer to stay in the accommodation provided by the language school or prefer to rent somewhere privately we will support you with this as well.

To apply for a home stay please follow the link below:-

Homestay Application form for students

In addition to the form, we will be in regular contact with you by e-mail and Skype if possible so we can gather as much information as possible to place you with the most suitable hosts. We will also put you in touch with your hosts so you can get to know them first before arriving. An e-mail to the hosts telling them a bit about yourself is warmly received and in our experience, this step really helps break the ice, especially as you often find you have things in common which makes for easy conversation when you first meet.  

What you can expect from your Host Family